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My goodness! 6,000 Likes! Much thanks for the support to our awesome supporters. As is our custom here at GemGfx, we would like to commemorate the milestone with a giveaway. We had a request from one of our users for a mockup that we used for one of our projects. We thought it was a great idea so we opened it up and did a few modifications. We added a few things here and there, and the end result is today's mockup. We're calling it "Retail" Because it's filled with items usually associated with retailing. This mockup is different from what we usually do in two main aspects. We've made the items separate, so you can use them as one image, or separately. We've also made it so some of the color of some of the items can be changed. We thought those two additions would come in handy for the designers who will use this mockup. If you guys appreciate these mockups, and you would like us to do more, drop us a line with your suggestions. Connect with us on Facebook, Twiitter or contact us via our GemGfx Website.

This is an entirely FREE, Hi-Res, PSD, Corporate Identity, Branding Mock Up. It is available for both commercial and personal use. Selling of this file or modifying it for selling purposes is strictly prohibited. (this does not apply to the work the file is used to present, but the file itself). It is a layered PSD file, and the artwork is easily edited via smart objects.

Our purpose at GemGfx for making this a free download, is so that we might be able to help other designers, advertisers and creatives to layout and present their work to their clients in a professional way. To help them turn that presentation into the one that wins the contract. By downloading and using the file, you agree to its terms of use.

by Everard McBain
Feb 02, 2016

Trinidad, Spain


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