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Most aspiring successful actress and actors take on additional part-time, or even full-time jobs as a means of income and daily work due to the competitive nature of the profession and the high cost of living in New York City.

February 2014, during a cold winter’s night, Franck Bohbot decided to photograph Milo Cramer, 25, a young actor at work, not on stage, but in his daily work, as a barista at a brooklyn bakery in order to support his acting career. Interviewer Philippe Ungar joined Franck Bohbot in this project in the summer of 2015.

In New York, maybe more than anywhere else, the vast majority of actress and actors have to deal with their acting careers and their daily jobs to support themselves. The project is about photographing them in their daily work, with an intimate portrait and interviewing them in order to better understand the unique relationships they experience between their passion and the reality. They work as waiters, dog-walkers, delivery men, preschool teachers, production assistants, lawyers or even private eyes etc. and often learn something essential from these survival jobs for their own acting. Freezing each actor within a moment of his or her daily life in those portraits, exploring the concept that they are all playing a role on stage and outside the stage, because ultimately, they all have to be somebody. The photographs and the interviews will complement each other.

Currently 40 actors has been photographed by Franck Bohbot and interviewed by Philippe Ungar.

by franck bohbot
Oct 21, 2015

Brooklyn, United States


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