Bruch—Idee&Form was commissioned to create a new branding for Merkscha Furnierwerke—a veneer mill that produces a wide range of wood veneers. To strenghten the value and the quality of the product line we developed a design concept that plays with a natural color palette and combinations of seals and stamps for a simple and efficient use throughout all printing materials. Each printing uses a different paper, like each type of wood has its own color and grain.

Veneer manufacturing is an elaborating process and hard work – the wood steams, the air is full of dust, little light gets through dimmish air – impressions we wanted to make sure to communicate in the imagery.


Client: Merkscha Furnierwerk
Art Direction: Bruch—Idee&Form
Photography: Marion Luttenberger
Programming: Stefan Reinprecht

by multiple owners
Nov 16, 2015

graz, Austria


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