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So you want to sell your junk car but you really need a good price for it. May be you want cash for some reason or you want to buy a new car. Do you think it is easy to sell your junk car in a very good price?

What are you going to do to sell your car?

Are you going to give ads in Newspaper?
Are you going to give advertisement on websites by posting the pictures of your junk car?
Are you going to ask your relatives to purchase your junk car?
Do you have a lot of time to do this or you are skipping your work to do this?
You know, everything is getting advanced so selling your junk car is also getting advanced.

How much cash you will get for your car?

Earlier it was easy to junk your car for 500$.In 2014 scrap metal industry was fat and happy, scrap steel was going 400$ per ton but then something happened and the price was dropped 50$ per ton. In 2015 the price was dropped 80$.In 2017 the market has grown up but still no-one is going to pay 500$ for your junk car.

Vbuycars gives you an excellent opportunity to sell your car in West Hollywood by sitting at home. You will get the worth price for your junk car, It totally depends on your car condition.

We buy the cars in the following condition

Burned Cars
Wrecked Cars
Total Damaged Cars
Old Cars
Used Cars
How to sell your junk car to us?

1. Call us here – 1-800-227-7880 or do the enquiry through the email.
2. Give the basic information about the condition of your car?
3. We will give the idea of amount we will pay.
4. If you are comfortable then give us the exact time and location to pick up your car.
5. Just wait for our staff member to pick up your car.
6. Don’t forget to collect the receipts and other papers.

by Ethan moore
Jul 10, 2017

Los Angeles, United States


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