iOS 8 Vector Ui Kit (.ai)

We’re back with an iOS 8 update to our popular iOS Illustrator UI kit! Last month we released our free vector UI kit for iOS 7. We have a history of offering such resources, but we were admittedly late to the game. We assumed the iOS 7 document would be useful until iOS 8 was released and by your responses, we were correct. We’re thrilled that so many of you have found it helpful. However, we also expected the iOS 7 UI kit would make a future update to iOS 8 trivial. And though iOS 7’s UI kit was a good foundation, the update to iOS 8 was NOT trivial. - See more at:

iOS 8 Vector Ui Kit (.ai)
Rusty Mit on
by Rusty Mit
Oct 07, 2015

Nashville, Tuvalu


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